Land Surveying Services

We are your one-stop solution for all your surveying needs.



Residential Boundary Surveys

Often used in residential real estate closings, a boundary survey identifies and establishes the location of ownership lines on a parcel of land. Pi Surveying will provide you with accurate land measurements, a thorough rigid analysis, and physical boundary evidence, ensuring you can confidently move forward.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

Typically required in commercial real estate transactions, an ALTA/NSPS survey (including any necessary “Table A” items) identifies existing conditions for the subject property and potential concerns such as easements, encroachments, setback requirements, flood zones, and more. Pi Surveying performs ALTA/NSPS surveys according to the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys and lender/owner requirements, giving buyers and lenders confidence their investment is protected.

Topographical Land Surveys

Understand your site’s contour, geography, and features, such as trees, buildings, streets, utility poles, etc. Pi Surveying uses the latest technology – including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and robotic Total Positioning Stations (TPS) – to render highly precise, clearly detailed topographical maps of the subject property.

Land Development Services

Trust Pi Surveying to help you maximize the value of your property for commercial, residential, or municipal use. With our wide breadth of services, expertise, and reputation for outstanding service, we can help with all of your land development needs.

Boundary Disputes

When property boundaries become a source of conflict, Pi Surveying steps in with expert resolution services. Our team efficiently resolves boundary disputes, ensuring absolute clarity in property boundaries. By preventing conflicts and providing irrefutable evidence, we help protect your property rights and maintain peace among neighbors.

Construction Layout

Pi Surveying’s Construction Layout services are your key to a successful construction project. We meticulously translate architectural plans into precise on-site layouts, ensuring that your project proceeds seamlessly according to plan. Our accuracy and attention to detail guarantee that foundations, structures, and utilities are correctly positioned, reducing costly errors and delays.

Plat of Condominium

Creating detailed Plats of Condominium documents is a specialty of Pi Surveying. Our surveys adhere to all regulatory requirements, producing comprehensive documentation for condominium developments. From delineating individual unit boundaries to defining shared spaces, our Plat of Condominium services provide the essential foundation for condominium projects.

FEMA Elevation Certificates

For flood insurance purposes and regulatory compliance, Pi Surveying offers FEMA Elevation Certificates. Our surveys accurately determine the elevation of your property in flood zones. These certificates are vital for securing flood insurance, understanding flood risks, and ensuring you are adequately prepared.

FEMA Flood Hazard Determination

Pi Surveying’s FEMA Flood Hazard Determination services provide invaluable insights into flood risks. We meticulously assess your property to identify flood hazard zones and potential impacts. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about property development, mitigation strategies, and safety measures.

Final As-Built Surveys

After a construction project, Pi Surveying conducts Final As-Built surveys to confirm that the constructed features match the approved plans. Our surveys provide an accurate record of the final construction, helping you verify compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring the quality of the finished project.

TIF Legal Description

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects require precise legal descriptions, and Pi Surveying excels in providing them. Our TIF Legal Description services ensure that the property descriptions align with the unique requirements of TIF projects, facilitating financing, development, and compliance.

Foundation Spot

Pi Surveying’s Foundation Spot services are essential for precise foundation placement. We expertly mark foundation spots with accuracy, ensuring that your construction project starts on a solid foundation. Our surveyors guarantee that your building’s structural integrity begins with a solid footing.

Foundation Staking

Foundation Staking is crucial for the accuracy of your building’s foundation placement, and Pi Surveying specializes in this service. We ensure that your building’s foundations are accurately staked out, adhere to architectural plans, and provide stability and alignment.

Global Positioning

Harness the precision of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with Pi Surveying. Our Global Positioning services provide highly accurate surveying results, enabling you to make informed decisions for your projects, whether for construction, development, or land use planning.

Well Monitoring

Pi Surveying’s Well Monitoring services are designed to safeguard the safety and reliability of well systems. We offer comprehensive well-monitoring solutions to ensure the optimal performance of your well systems, providing valuable data to support maintenance and regulatory compliance.

Plat of Annexation

For property annexation into municipalities, trust Pi Surveying’s expertise. Our Plat of Annexation services provide accurate surveying data to facilitate the annexation process, meeting the requirements of local authorities and ensuring a smooth transition.

Plat of Consolidation

Pi Surveying’s Plat of Consolidation documents ensure a seamless process when combining multiple properties into one. Our surveys and documentation comply with legal requirements, providing a clear record of the consolidated property for future reference and transactions.

Plat of Dedication

Dedicating land for public use is a complex process, and Pi Surveying simplifies it with our Plat of Dedication services. We meticulously define and document easements, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the smooth transfer of land to the public domain.

Plat of Easement

Defining and documenting easements accurately is critical for property rights and land use. Pi Surveying’s Plat of Easement services provides precise documentation, ensuring easements are clearly defined and legally upheld.

Plat of Subdivision

Pi Surveying assists in dividing a property into multiple lots with our Plat of Subdivision services. Our surveys and documentation ensure compliance with regulations, making the subdivision process straightforward and legally sound.

Plat of Vacation

Vacating property plats requires precision and adherence to legal requirements, and Pi Surveying excels in this area. Our Plat of Vacation services guarantee that property plats are vacated with precision, ensuring legal compliance and a smooth process.

Tree Surveying

Gain comprehensive insights into your property’s tree coverage with Pi Surveying’s Tree Survey services. Our surveys provide valuable data on tree species, health, and distribution, aiding in land use planning, development, and preservation efforts.

Utility Surveying

Pi Surveying’s Utility Surveying services are essential for accurate and safe construction and development projects. We utilize advanced techniques to precisely locate underground utilities, ensuring that construction proceeds smoothly without the risk of utility damage.

Wetland Delineation

Pi Surveying’s Wetland Delineation services are crucial in environmental compliance and land development. Our surveys accurately identify and map wetland areas, providing the necessary data for permitting, conservation, and land use planning. Trust Pi Surveying to navigate the complexities of wetland delineation with expertise and precision.